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Body Kits To Customize Your Car

For some people, customizing their cars is one of the best ways to make their vehicle look and stand out from the rest of the machines out in the highway as well as in the parking lot. After all, in this world where everything seems to be mass produced, it would be best to make the difference yourself.

Body kits are considered as one of the ways of making your vehicle to look different and unique as well. With body kits, you can choose what to do with your vehicle’s design, as well as do the creating yourself. In essence, a body kit is actually a collection of exterior modifications for a car. The common parts that make up these kits include front bumpers, rear bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers although there are other body kits that add other parts as well. Aside from giving your vehicle a complete and new look, body kits also give your car better aerodynamics.

There are some body kits that are made up of fiberglass. Although some body kits are made from polyurethane. For most car owners, polyurethane is their top choice for it is resistant to damage and come the cold months, this type of material does not crack, however, once it is damaged, it cannot be repaired. On the other hand, fiberglass body kits actually fit cars better and can be repaired if it is damaged. Read the rest of this entry »

Installing Headlight Covers

Headlight covers are one of the accessories that are most often used by car owners and enthusiasts who have vehicles and cars that they show off at car and auto shows. However, practicality wise, headlight covers are not usually used by ordinary motorists on their vehicles. These accessories are usually just to add a more stylish appeal and design to car show entrants. They are also often added to give the vehicle a more aesthetic appeal.

To have headlight covers for your auto show entrant, you can simply purchase headlight cover kits from your trusted auto parts dealer. There are two kits that you actually have to purchase. One kit would be that that consists of a cover and the molded clips. The other kit would be the one that holds decal patterns, plus stickers, and labels.

Each of these kits contains instructions on how to use them as well as how to install them. Go through each one and be familiar with the pieces of information provided. These would assist you when you would be doing the actual installation. When you are about to start the process, gather the following tools and materials: a lens cleaner, a squeegee, masking tape, soap solution, and vinyl decals. You would be using these as you go along. Read the rest of this entry »

Adding In The Brake Fluid

First off, what is brake fluid?

Brake fluid is actually a type of hydraulic fluid. It is commonly used in brake applications and brake systems found in automobiles as well as light trucks. What brake fluid does is it actually transfers force under pressure from where it is created. The fluid does this through the automobile’s brake system’s hydraulic lines. It transfers the force to the braking mechanism which is found near the wheels of the car.

Brake fluids work well in making a vehicle come to a halt. This is primarily because of the property of liquids and fluids that they are not basically compressible by nature. And since they do need enough force to actually put a running vehicle to a stop, these brake fluids are the best types to use for they do not wear down or get damaged and can work efficiently in providing the required amount of force.

If you would notice, cars that have manual transmission systems mounted in them use a clutch cable or a hydraulic system. For cars with a hydraulic clutch, it is important to check first the clutch master cylinder then add brake fluid. It is also essential that you do this regularly. If you are unsure as per what kind of brake fluid to use, you can refer to your car owner’s manual for such information. Read the rest of this entry »